How to Use the Warming Rack on Your Grill

What do you do with the warming rack? Warm your foods right? But you can actually do much more. Here are a few examples.

Warm Your Grilled Vegetables

Just put down some foil and place your veggies there while you grill your main dishes.

Keep Your Grilled Hot Dogs or Hamburgers Warm

Again, put a piece of aluminium foil on the rack to both hold the juices and make transport easy after you’re done.

Toast Your Buns

Burger, hot dog or even French bread for crostini–you can toast them on the warming rack.

Melt Cheese

Want to melt cheese, place it on top of your meats or breads on the warming rack and it will warm your cheese without bubbling.

Bake Desserts

You can bake desserts like cobblers. The gentle heat of the warming rack is enough to cook bread pudding and pies as well.

Finishing Steaks

Use the high heat on the grill grate to sear the steaks and then move them to the warming rack to finish cooking them to the desired doneness.

Cook Potatoes

The gentle heat brings out the creaminess in potatoes For a whole baked potato, just oil the skin with vegetable oil and add salt. Wrap it in foil and put it on the warming rack. Depending on the size of the potato, it will be done in about an hour. A quicker recipe is to slice a Yukon Gold or red potato and add it to a foil packet with onion, butter and seasonings. Close the packet and put it on the warming rack. It will be deliciously done in about 30 minutes.