How to Oil a Grill Grate

You’ve got a beautiful piece of salmon on the grill. But when you try to take it off, it sticks to the grates and breaks apart. You can prevent this food tragedy by cleaning and oiling your grill before or after each use. Doing so, you’ll be able to flip food easily and create those stunning grill marks that make food look so appetizing. Learn how to properly clean and oil a grill grate with these tips.

Clean Your Grill Grates

Before oiling your grill grates, it’s important to brush off any burned food particles that might be left from the last time you barbecued. The easiest way to do this is with a premium nylon grill brush. We recommend a Char-Broil® Cool-Clean™ brush. It allows you to clean off your grates without turning the grill on.

Oil Your Grill Grates

  1. With the grill cool, coat all surfaces of your grates with a high heat cooking oil, such canola or peanut coil. You can do this with a spray oil or a paper towel coated, but not saturated in oil.
    HOT TIP – If this is your first time using your grill, make sure to burn off any coating used to protect the charcoal grill during shipping as well as any additional residue from its production prior to oiling. Simply start your grill and allow it to burn for one hour.
  2. Wipe off any excess oil with a paper towel, while still maintaining an even goat on the grates.
  3. Light your grill. Allow it to burn until the grill begins to smoke, burning off the oil, approximately 15-30 minutes.