How to Clean your Charcoal Grill

It’s tempting after you grill out, to just put the lid on and let the heat take care of cleaning your grill, but little more love and care can help your grill last longer and have a safer food handling environment.

Before You Cook

Remove the grate and brush any debris into the firebox. We recommend using one of Char-Broil’s Nylon Grill Brushes.

Get Rid of the Ash

Ash that has fallen into the ash catcher, pan or otherwise should be emptied. Since models vary, check your manual to see how. Don’t worry about ash in the firebox, that won’t affect your cooking.

Maintain It

If you use your grill often, you may want to do this every few weeks, otherwise you can do it yearly. Clean all surfaces using soap and water. Depending on your manufacturer’s instructions for use on porcelain-enamel surfaces, you can use a heavy-duty oven cleaner to remove burnt-on and stuck-on ash and food debris from the grates, inside firebox or inside of ash pan. Just make sure you rinse it with plenty of water after use.

Close It Up

Shut the lid and vent after each use so that the coals can burn off any leftover food bits on the grate.

TIP: Never use excessive force to scrape, chisel or knockout burnt- or stuck-on ash and food debris–you could chip the protective porcelain-enamel coating and void your warranty.