Grilling Safety Tips

It’s grill time and as always when working with an open flame, you need to be cautious. Here are some tips to save and share.

Keep It Out

Grills always need to be outdoors. Never use grills cook in your garage, tent, trailer, house or any enclosed area because toxic carbon monoxide may accumulate.

Don’t Leave

If your grill is on and burning, don’t move it or leave it unattended, especially around pets or children. Make sure they are at least 3 feet away from a burning grill.


Keep your grill in an open area, at least 3 feet away from buildings, overhead areas, dry leaves or brush and 10 feet away from flammable objects. Make sure to keep the grill away from the side of your house.


Always check that all parts are firmly in place and that the grill can’t tip. When moving your grill, ensure the gas tank is fully secured.

Clean it

Cleaning food, grease and debris off your grates and burners will help prevent flare-ups. Clean out the gas ports on your burner if visibly blocked and clean out any obstruction inside the burner tube.

Check Your Gas

Leak test your grill frequently, especially when changing tanks. An almost empty tank may provide less gas to the burners, so change as necessary.

Get a Handle

Long-handled forks, tongs, spatulas, and such are designed to help you avoid burns and splatters when you’re grilling food.

Read Your Manual

Follow its specific recommendations for assembly, usage, and safety procedures. Call us if you have questions.

Go Lean

Fat can make your grill flare up. Trim excess fat from your meat prior to grilling. Grease is the leading cause of grill fires. Also make sure you clean your grease trays.

TIP – You can use heat-resistant pads made of lightweight fibre cement or plastic to protect your deck and patio from any grease that missed the drip tray.