Upgraded Steaks

Follow this recipe for an upgrade to your steaks. Dry brining is an easy method to improve flavour and tenderness of lesser cuts.


For the steak

2 bone-in ribeye steaks, 3.5 cm thick
2 teaspoons sea salt
freshly ground black pepper


  1. Dry brine your steak. Cover each side of the steaks evenly with salt 90 minutes prior to grilling. Let the steaks rest at room temperature for 45 minutes, then turn over and continue letting them rest.
  2. Preheat your grill on high, around 260 degrees Celsius, 10 minutes before grilling.
  3. Rinse the steaks very well and pat them dry with a towel.
  4. Season the steaks with black pepper, then place on the grill for one minute.
  5. Turn the steaks 90 degrees for another minute, then turn the steaks over and repeat. This will create great sear marks.
  6. Lower the grill temperature to about 170-200 degrees Celsius and continue grilling for about 6-8 minutes. Flip and grill for another five minutes.
  7. Check the internal temperature with an digital thermometer. Remove the steaks when they reach 55 degrees Celsius internal temperature.
  8. Cover with foil and rest for at least 7-8 minutes.
  9. Slice the steak perpendicular to the bone. Then slice the meat off the bone and serve.