Grilled Pizza Margherita

How about a rustic wood-fired pizza grilled to crisp, yet tender, perfection? Try this new, smokey twist on an Old World Italian classic — Grilled Pizza Margherita. This pizza is incredibly simple to prepare. It uses fresh herbs, spices, cheeses and dough, a hint of smoky hardwood and the intense radiant heat of Char-Broil’s patented TRU-Infrared™ cooking system to grill the perfect pizza.


For the pizza

1 ball pizza dough olive oil
marinara sauce
heirloom tomatoes, thinly sliced
fresh mozzarella cheese, torn
prosciutto, finely sliced and pulled into strands
fresh leaves thyme, oregano and basil
parmesan cheese
salt to taste
freshly ground pepper to taste


  1. Preheat your grill to high 20 minutes before grilling. Toss a large handful of hickory wood chips directly over the grates or apply 1 pre-packaged wood chip pack to integrate rustic smoky flavours into the dough.
  2. Meanwhile, roll out the room-temperature dough on a floured surface to 50 mm thickness. Brush dough with oil and dust with cornmeal.
  3. Lay dough directly over grates, searing the first side for 3-5 minutes with lid open or until dough rises and edges begin to brown. Flip dough over and immediately dress with sauce, tomatoes, cheese and prosciutto. Turn down the temperature of the grill to medium. Close the grill lid and allow the pizza to bake until cheese bubbles and dough is cooked through.
  4. Remove pizza from grill and place on cooling rack to rest for 3-5 minutes.
  5. Season with salt and fresh ground peppercorn, to taste. Garnish with fresh leaves of basil, thyme and oregano. Finish with a sprinkling of shaved Parmesan. Slice and serve.