What is Indirect and Direct Grilling?

Direct and indirect grilling are two different ways to cook your food. Direct grilling typically uses a very high heat and cooks food quickly, whereas indirect grilling uses lower temperatures and takes much longer.

Direct Heat Grilling

  1. Direct heat grills your food right above the heat source. Use direct heat for searing or foods that cook quickly. HOT TIP – It takes less time to grill with direct heat, and foods can burn quickly. Keep a watchful eye on your food with this method.
  2. Thinner foods with a lower water and sugar content tend to cook better over direct heat. Steaks, fish, veggies and other tender foods are good examples.

Indirect Heat Grilling

  1. When grilling with indirect heat, food is placed on the cooler portion or side of the grill away from the heat source. Temperatures in this zone are usually around 225 degrees, so it will take longer to cook your foods. HOT TIP – You can also start your foods in the direct zone and transfer them to indirect to finish.
  2. It’s a great way to cook if your food has high water or sugar content or very thick. For example, tougher and larger foods like roasts, ribs and whole chickens do well with indirect heat.

How to Set Up Two Zone Cooking

  1. For gas, you’ll just light half the burners and charcoal you push the coals to one side.
    HOT TIP – You can also use your grill’s warming rack as an indirect zone.
  2. Wondering how to set-up charcoal? Here is a quick video to show you how.