How to Use Rubs on Your Meat

Want a great way to spice up your meats? Try a rub. Rubs can be complex ethnic blends or as simple as garlic salt and pepper. They’re usually placed on meats before grilling to add flavour. Rubs shouldn’t overpower your meats and are usually just a blend of strong and mild flavours.

  1. Dry Rubs
    Rubs come in shakers and bags. They contain spices and sometimes sugar blended together Most dry rubs contain such things as paprika, chilli powder, garlic, cayenne. Put your rub under thick skins like those on chicken, so it can get to the meat. You can find some of these rubs in your local grocery store, or make your own with a little pepper, garlic salt, salt and sugar. When it’s prepared, just shake or sprinkle your spices evenly to coat your meat.
  2. Wet Rub
    Mixing a wet substance like oil with your spices makes a “wet rub.” Adding a little olive oil or Worcestershire also helps the spices stick to your meat. A wet rub can also add moisture to your meat and keep it from sticking. When you mix your spices with oil or things like Worcestershire sauce, make a thick paste and then coat it on your meat evenly.
  3. How Long to Keep the Rub On
    Wet rubs are more likely to seep into the meat’s juices than dry rubs. You can leave a dry rub on for as little as 30 minutes and then put it on the grill. And with a wet rub, you can have it marinate for several hours.
  4. How to Cook with a Rub
    Once your meat is coated with the rub, just place it right on the grill. Sugars can burn at 275 degrees so be careful with sugar rubs and make sure you spray a little cooking oil on the grates first.