How to Grill a Medium-Rare Steak on a Gas Grill

Learn how to grill a medium-rare steak on a gas grill. Using this guide, you’ll be grilling the juiciest, most perfect steak in no time. We’ve listed everything you need to know to wow your friends and family with your master grilling skills. Get to grilling like a pro.

Make sure you have the proper gear for grilling.

The main tools you need are: Grill brush, Meat thermometer and Tongs

Gather your meat

Go to you butcher or supermarket and buy either USDA Prime or Choice cuts for the best results. When you’re ready to cook, remove your steaks from the refrigerator and let them sit out for 20-30 minutes to warm up.

Clean and preheat your grill

You should brush away any residue that has accumulated since the last time you cooked out. Preheat your grill to high. This will give you a good sear and crust. 15 minutes of preheating should get the grill hot enough for cooking your steaks.

Place your meat on the grill and keep an eye on it.

The cut of meat you choose, its weight and the temperature you desire will determine how long you grill it. Use these temperatures to determine doneness:

Rare: 120°F
Medium rare: 130°F
Medium: 140°F
Medium well: 150°F
Well done: 160°F

Use your meat thermometer to check the temperature, and remove the steaks when they are within 5-10 degrees of the desired doneness. They will continue to cook after they are removed from the grill.
HOT TIP Many grill enthusiasts like to baste their meat. To baste, simply add your favourite sauces to a bowl and brush the meat with a basting brush each time you flip it.

Dig in

After a 10 minute rest, plate your medium-rare steak and enjoy.