Grilling Guide: How to Grill Fish

Grilled fish has layers of flavour far beyond the simple fried or baked fillet. If you’re new to grilling fish or looking for advice on how to make your next fish dinner a success, here is our simple guide on how to grill fish.

How to Grill Fish

  1. Select Your Fish
    Fish with hearty flesh is best suited for grilling because it can stand up to the high heat of the grates. Some of the fish that cook well on the grill include salmon, tuna, cod and snapper.
    HOT TIP – Fillets can be grilled with or without skin. Just be sure to lightly oil the flesh and skin side to prevent sticking.

  2. Prepare Your Grill
    Be sure that your grill grate is clean and slightly oiled. Heat the grill to a high temperature, around 400°F.
    HOT TIP – Heating the grill to a high temperature will help the fish to sear and prevent it from sticking to the grate.

  3. Season Your Fish
    Get creative with your favourite flavour combinations. Salt, pepper and a slice of lemon are a great for a clean simple seasoning, or spice things up by marinating fish in your favourite dressing or marinade.

  4. Grill Your Fish Once fish is on the grill, avoid moving the fillets around. Let the fish sear over high heat to caramelize with grill marks. If it seems that one area of the grill is too warm, move the fish to the cooler side. Leave the grill lid down to keep heat in. Cook fish until it reaches an internal temperature of 145°F and flakes easily with a fork.
    HOT TIP – A long, thin grill spatula will help you easily get under delicate fillets and avoid breaking off pieces.