Cooking Fish on the Grill

Cooking fish on the grill is an easy way to prepare a healthy meal while enjoying the outdoors. Follow our guidelines for selecting the best fish for the grill and our tips to make your outdoor seafood feast quick, easy and delicious.

Tips for Grilling Fish

  1. Select the best pieces of fish. Quality fresh fish should smell fresh and mild. It should have a frim, shinny flesh and shouldn’t be discoloured or dark. For quality frozen fish, select those well-suited for freezing: swordfish, cod, or pollock, not salmon or tuna. Unless flash frozen, it should com in a vacuum-sealed package. make sure that this has also been well-sealed and is void of freezer burn.

HOT TIP – Delicate fish like tilapia and flounder are sometimes too thin to grill without overcooking. Thicker fish tend to be better suited for the grill. Some of our favourites include tuna, snapper, mahi-mahi, swordfish and salmon.

  1. Season all fish before you grill. Spices and marinades will make your fish taste even better.
  2. Grill fish on a hot clean grill. Make sure that your grates have been well oiled.
  3. Create two cooking zones for greater temperature control. This will keep you from overcooking.
  4. Be prepared with a long spatula.
  5. Allow the fish to cook. Try to not to touch or prod.